LisaI have been serving at Building Twentyone as a social work intern through Michigan State University since the beginning of September 2014. The experiences I have come across here so far have been incredibly insightful, advantageous, and quite honestly, amusing.

This year at Building Twentyone we have had a constant influx of about 25-30 students coming into the drop-in hours everyday. We have started to implement a schedule for drop-ins; this schedule includes a set aside time dedicated to studying as well as times for the students to play games and do group activities with everyone at the center. Alyssa, an eighth grader and a regular at B21, always tries to utilize the study times we provide. She says she had all A’s and B’s in the 2014 semester!

We have held a group discussion with multiple students that come to B21 and they have expressed interest in a larger array of programs such as photography, slam poetry and cooking, as well as more options for activities. We hope to provide the students with all the suggestions they have given us, however, in order to do so we need more manpower and funding. Volunteers are always needed and encouraged to help run programs and tutor students who need help with homework. And financial support is always cherished and needed to continue to operate and expand.

As the end of the semester came about we provided our students with final exam prep days. We extended our hours to give more time to prepare students for their exams as well as provided lunch to all the teenagers. All of the students appreciated and enjoyed the extra time to study. While helping Maddy study for her history exam I realized that, another student, Keith would be taking the same exam. As he came into our study session the competition for who could answer the question first was on.

Everyone here at Building Twentyone is very excited for this upcoming semester and all the exciting things ahead! I, as an intern, am thrilled to continue my journey with Building Twentyone, advance my knowledge of nonprofits and further my experience in the social work profession!

-Lisa Swinter


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Building Twentyone’s 1st Annual Skateboard Competition

Sunday, February 22nd, 2015, 2-8pm. Registration opens at 1pm

-featuring special guest emcee: Trevor Heyd.

To pre-register for the skate comp: click here

If you do not have a signed waiver on file at Building Twentyone in the past 2 years, click here to view and download the required waiver.


  • Advanced:
    • 1st Place: $200 cash + merchandise and giveaways from sponsors including hoodies, boards, and gift cards
    • 2nd and 3rd Place: Merchandise from sponsors
  • Intermediate:
    • 1st Place: $150 cash + merchandise and giveaways from sponsors including hoodies and gift cards
    • 2nd and 3rd Place: Merchandise from sponsors
  • Beginner:
    • 1st Place: $75 cash + merchandise from sponsors
    • 2nd and 3rd place: merchandise from sponsors

Competition details:

  • Best Run: Each competitor will have 2 runs at 45 second each. The top 6 will advance to the finals for a 3rd run.
  • A panel of 3 judges will score each round and submit scores before moving to next contestant.
  • Prizes will be awarded only to first, second, and third places in each the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level.
  • Best trick jam will conclude each level. Multiple runs allowed with one prize awarded for best trick at each beginner, intermediate, and advanced level.

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