Code of Conduct

2 Rules : Respect. Responsibility.

1 Purpose: A safe, positive environment for all.


As of November 2017, all students participating in Building Twentyone drop in, programs, or special events must agree to the following code of conduct.

Code of Conduct

I agree to:

___ Treat others how I want to be treated.

___ Keep my body to myself. (Refrain from PDA, rough-housing, and/or fighting. Respect others’ personal boundaries.)

___ Clean up after myself.

___ Use my voice appropriately. (Using respectful language at appropriate volumes. Refrain from inappropriate jokes, swearing, mocking, or bad-mouthing others.)

___ Respect others’ personal property, including phones.

___ Respect adult staff and volunteers and accept their instruction.

I will not:

___ Destroy or misuse b21 property.

___ Bring weapons to b21.

___ Use or possess alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products or associated items / paraphernalia at b21.


I understand that if I break Building Twentyone’s Code of Conduct, there will be consequences for my behavior which may include written reflections, discussions with parents and staff, a temporary or permanent break from Building Twentyone Teen Center. I also understand that participating in illegal activities while at Building Twentyone will result in immediate expulsion and notification of all appropriate authorities.

While we hope all students will act respectfully and responsibility, consequences for inappropriate behavior at Building Twentyone are in three tiers and applied according to frequency and severity of the individual student’s inappropriate behavior.

Level One

Completion of a behavior reflections sheet, outlining reasons for behavior, description of behavior, and reflection on consequences for behavior. Discussion with student, parent or guardian, and b21 staff or volunteers.

Level Two

Temporary break from all Building Twentyone activities and programs. Student may return to regular Building Twentyone attendance after the completition of 5 hours of community service, which may be served on b21’s campus or elsewhere.

Level Three

A permanent break from all Building Twentyone activities and programs. Student may apply to return at the beginning of the following semester with written recommendation of a non-related adult. Attendance will only be probationary until a full semester of Elevate (our character and leadership building program) is completed. We will also recommend counseling from Gateway Youth Services, a free, confidential service for teens and their families.


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