Teen Advisory Council

The Teen Advisory Council is a leadership group that comes together to work as one. As a group, we value leadership and respect, and foster a safe environment where teens can express themselves and their ideas, all while reinforcing the mission of Building Twentyone. The T.A.C. is comprised of responsible 9th to 12th graders that work to support programs, curate events, and act as youth advisors to the Board of Directors.

This spring 2017, the TAC hopes to recruit new members, participate in community service projects, implement and evaluate new programs at Building Twentyone, and host a fundraiser!

TAC meets every Tuesday from 4-5pm in the B21 Lounge

Are you interested in making new friends, gaining leadership experience and being active members in your community? Looking for something to put on your future resumes and college applications? The Teen Advisory Council is looking for new members this semester! If you are a 9th-12th grader, Please visit our website buildingtwentyone.org and go to Programs>Enroll>Teen Advisory Council and fill out the application. We look forward to meeting you and having a great semester! 

Teen Advisory Council students:

Maddy Kauffman: I am Maddy Kauffman and I am in 10th grade. I go to the Holt High School. I joined T.A.C. because I wanted to help Building Twentyone grow/expand and help the students here become more successful in their own ways. Building Twentyone has helped me to express who I am and I have learned what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Kayli Bellingar: Hi, I am Kayli Bellingar and I am in the 10th grade. I joined T.A.C. because it seemed like a good opportunity to experience new things while being with my friends. Building Twentyone has allowed me to grow as a person. I have become more outgoing and I have been able to make more friends. I have also become more successful in my home-school work.

Alek: Hello, my name is Alek. I joined T.A.C. so I could improve the Building Twentyone community. Building Twentyone has given me a place to hang out with my friends.

Darienne Worden: I’m Darienne. I joined T.A.C. because I wanted to help make it a better place for other teens and to help make it more teen ran. Building Twentyone has helped me get my homework done, make friends, hang out with friends, and somewhat get my anxiety and depression a little better.

Alyssa Stitt: Hi, my name is Alyssa Stitt. I joined T.A.C. because Building Twentyone is like a second home/family to me and I really wanted to have a voice for myself and grades below me. Building Twentyone has helped me through my struggle with anxiety and depression and I am so glad to be a part of something so beneficial to mine and many others’ lives.




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