Volunteer Information & Forms

“We would like to thank our dedicated volunteers at Building Twentyone. We would not be here without the help and dedication our volunteers provide. We can not thank you enough! Every year, we host a party to recognize our amazing volunteers. So, if you are interested, we would love to welcome you to our family and community.”

Much love, B21 Staff & Directors 

To learn more about our volunteer positions, please see and download our very simple B21 Volunteer Packet here. Once you have read the Volunteer Packet, please fill out our volunteer form through paper or online.

Group Team Member Volunteer Form: If you would like to volunteer in a group from your organization, this is the form for you. We hosts many fundraisers and events throughout the year, so we need as much help as we need. This would be great to promote your organization or get recognized in the community.

Individual Team Member Form: If you would like to become a tutor, skate park manager, event volunteer, cleaning & maintenance volunteer or instructor, this form is for you. We always need volunteers who can help us year round and are passionate about helping Building Twentyone become the best we can be!

Online Volunteer Team Member Registration Form– The majority of our staff during our open hours is made up of volunteers from throughout our community who generously give of their time to invest in the lives of young people. Our volunteer team members play an important role in our ability to maintain low fees, and without them we cannot open our doors. They serve according to their own schedules and choose the tasks they wish to fill based on their own particular interests and expertise. We utilize a thorough screening process to qualify potential volunteers, including a criminal background check. If you’re interested in building positive relationships with young people searching for quality role models, or if you’d like to play a support role in making what we do possible, please click on our volunteer registration link to complete your application online. In order to serve we require that any applicant be at least a freshman in high school.

Interested, but want to know more information about a volunteer position? Send us a contact form and we will contact you shortly!

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