What’s happening at b21?

We are more than half way through the school semester here at Building Twentyone! We have a bunch of fun and exciting things happening right now and I would love to share them with all of you!


We have four amazing and engaging programs that our students are participating in this Winter; Culinary International 102, Artistic Crossfit, Photography, and itech’s Game Design. All of the members of our programs have been thrilled and have been learning a ton of new things.

ITech brought their Techtransport bus to our campus on the first day of it’s official launch for our students to experience at the beginning of February. It was so interesting to see what kinds of skills our students had when it came to video games. See the video below to see Building Twentyone trying out the bus!

Our Teen Advisory Council has been meeting weekly about how we can improve. They are learning roles of leadership, authority, and even how to plan events. At the end of the school year, they will be planning an end of the year bash to celebrate another year of achievement and of course, Summer Vacation!

Our tutoring center has been a hit this semester! More students are taking advantage of this and completing their homework. We have tutors who are eager to help with any subject students are having trouble with and any questions they might have.

Last but not least, we have started our first ever small groups curriculum known as Elevate Students. This program is focused on pointing our students in the right direction and gives them all the confidence they need to succeed. This includes discussions large group and small group discussions, team competitions, and next step goals for students to achieve. This has been so inspiring. As our five special coaches lead our small groups, every person in the room is learning something different about one another each week.

-Katy Mayan, MSU Social Work Intern at Building Twentyone

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